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Tang Liu Bai fall off the secular hidden in the city, good wine, drink the United States, the month wake up. Ranger language: "fear of Zhang bowed his sword, but fear of falling white spring mash." A cup of spring mash, sent his life's interest, life, also carry your character level.
Feng Jicai once said: "The plant is dead, the life is left in the seed; the writer is dead, and the life is left in the work." "The word is the voice", the style of the work has a high degree of consistency with the author's character, Or unintentional character revealed, or deliberate section of sustenance, works with its time and space through the eternal and far, carrying the author's pursuit and accomplishment.
Hundred schools of thought contend, each has its fragrance. If your voice does not show your most unique voice, cover can only be buried in the hustle and bustle of the world. Zhuangzi "or" Tao Te Ching "," Mo Zi "or Legalists' Collection, all bearing their unique insights and individuality. They are the most influential people in the world. Taiwan Cloud Gate Dance Theater world-renowned, its dancing extraordinary extraordinary breathtaking, and its subglottic disciples are also not one is elegant temperament of human nature. The author and the works such as people and shadow, reflecting each other's most real heart, and it is only you will be the most realistic projection of life, works can be moist Ruyu, without impurities to its shine Guanghua.

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